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Artist statement
This was my first shot with Kiru and it wasn't planned at all, everything about it was spontaneous, even down to the fact that we decided to involve Jasmine in the shoot which wasn't on the cards, and it worked out very well. The lack of planning was intentional because when I work with a new person I need to understand what their energy is like and what they do and don't feel comfortable with, so it is better not to set too many restricting criteria. It was gloomy and drizzling with light rain which is not my favourite weather to shoot in, but we were determined to make it happen so I embraced the conditions as they were.

The concept for this shoot was simple and loosely defined - Truth. I had the idea of using these large outdoor mirrors on one of the piers near Brooklyn bridge park because mirrors, at first glance, reflect the truth. But in our minds what we see in a mirror is also overlaid and filtered by our own preconceived notions of what we expect to see.

The mirror situation worked really well because these large outdoor pieces weren't very level and warped reflections a little bit. They were also not very clean and covered in raindrops. Reflections were also blurred in some of the photographs - both due to the mirrors themselves and the actual depth of field in the photographs, which reminds us that the truth can be hazy and unclear and take a while to figure out.

After the mirror location we moved on to take some more spontaneous shots. I had to ask Kiru several times to take off his sunglasses so that we can see his face in the camera. We so often cover up our truth with masks (in this case the truth being covered up was a lack of sleep, but in life it can go much deeper!). Yet unmasking our truth often unleashes a new found sense of freedom and lightness, which is progressively seen as the shoot evolved and can be seen in Kiru and Jasmine's faces.

This small collection is intended to encourage transparency, regardless of the circumstances. It also encourages us to find joy in those same circumstances, and reminds us that what we perceive to be truth at a given moment, can be hazy as we continually work on developing clarity and figuring life out.


Creative Director






Jasmine Shields

Curatorial Assistant

Yadira Villalobos