Abra Gabrielle

Abra Gabrielle is a training therapist and the founder of HappyMadSad, a blog that provides a place for people to share reflections which normalize and validate diverse human experiences, along with guiding people on managing emotion in a way that improves relationship with themselves and others.


Alexander McMichael

Alexander McMichael is a graphic designer, director and photographer, and founder of The Hau5. The Hau5 is a contemporary production studio that "specializes in human-centric storytelling." A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, McMichael is an experienced visual storyteller providing striking portraits and product shots that boost brand image.


Angela Renee Coakely

With more than 10 years of leadership experience in the entertainment industry, Angela Renee Coakely is the founder of Coakely Entertainment Films, which offers high-caliber production management. Coakely Entertainment Films has had experience working with global brands such as Pepsi, Kraft, COVERGIRL, and UNCF.


Arty Furtado

Arty Furtado is a musician and events planner who is passionate about music, music production and organizing concerts. Arty is currently raising funds for the case of George Floyd & Tony McDade on his Website, where visitors can support change.


Brittany Leach

Brittany Leach is a New York based entrepreneuer working in Pediatrics at NYU Langone Health. With a goal to create a positive social change by bridging the gap between research and practice, Leach's works focus on food, educational, and healthcare programs within New York communities.


Cassandra Borgella

Cassandra Borgella is an award-winning actress and businesswoman best known for her role as "Yaya" in the famous web series Juju (2019). Borgella was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Play: A Hand Across the Bridge at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity (2018), and won the award for Best Play: Leaves at The Strawberry Festival (2019).



Chazeen is a New York based creative best known for her contributions to broadcast televisions, of which include, NBC’s The Grio, BET, and Samsung. Chazeen has handled projects featuring celebrities such as Bruno Mars, Lecrae, Cardi B., Carrie Underwood, Alessia Cara, and DJ Khaled.


Chioma Ozuzu

Chioma Ozuzu is owner of Relief Balance Shop, an online store that aims to become a one stop shop in both pain management and stress relief for athletes, students, and creatives.


Dianna Rose

Diana Rose is the founder of Jars of Delight, a sustainable catering company serving New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Diana hosts a Sustainability Workshop Series seasonally in many locations across NYC.


Elliot Carlyle

Serving as an industry expert to A-list brands and multi-millionaire personalities in areas such as fashion, business, and lifestyle, Elliot Carlyle equips 21st century visionaries with his personal mission of "empowering people to turn up the volume in life and business".


Elyse Galloway

Elyse Galloway is the founder of the This Is Well Collective, after having been immersed in the world of fitness for over a decade. Aspiring to use her passion and gifts to cultivate a black wellness culture, Elyse empowers communities to become the “wellest” versions of themselves.


Emmette Lewis

Emmette Lewis is a South African/Canadian artist and model under Sutherland Models Agency.