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KIRUNIVERSE is a strategy and design firm serving creative entrepreneurs in beauty, fashion, jewelry, music and tech. Core services include brand strategy and consultation, social media planning and management, creative writing and web design. In addition to our core services, we work to help build community around the things that inspire and activate us as creative entrepreneurs. We run weekly programming (i.e. Live Design Days) to shed light on emerging and established creative entrepreneurs across all industries from around the world, and our Creative Entrepreneurship Newsletter exists to inspire action towards the dreams of younger creative entrepreneurs within our audience.

The company, which was formally established in 2019, has served explicitly and subliminally to create and maintain safe spaces that promote the holistic practices of self-exploration and self-expression as a means of positively impacting the world of values-oriented, profitable creative entrepreneurship. In doing so, the company has served as the operational arm behind such brands as Sustainable BPA, (formally created in tandem with the launch of The Book of Positive Affirmations in 2020) to help people unleash positivity and engage a more definite sense of purpose in their lives, and RFO Collective, a multimedia collective launching in 2022 that will leverage the power of visual storytelling to promote a sustainable symbiosis in the reality of profitable friendships between young, collaborative creative entrepreneurs.

The impact of KIRUNIVERSE is to design experiences of utility and inspiration, experiences that display an understanding of what is while presenting an engaged idea of what could be. Focused chiefly on serving clients in various departments of purpose-driven brand strategy (1:1 consultations, organisational and public strategy, social media planning, email marketing, web design, brand design and creative writing) in its early years, the company is building a foundation to improve the mental disposition of new, emerging and established creative entrepreneurs, their teams and their families through tactical, emotional, mental and spiritual resources, experiences and education. By the year 2033, billions of lives will have been positively impacted (either directly or indirectly with objectively clear implications) by the operations of the company.


The reason people come to KIRUNIVERSE is to be inspired and challenged to take action to better understand and express who they are as creative entrepreneurs. This includes (and is not limited to) team members (staff and interns), clients and community members (consumers of services, products, experiences and media).


This is KIRUNIVERSE. We’re changing creative entrepreneurship through self-exploration.

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