SEO Analyst Intern

The SEO Analyst Intern articulates brand messaging and mission. Improves the searchability of all things relating to KIRUNIVERSE. Click to learn more about this role.


KIRUNIVERSE is a boutique experience marketing firm based in New York, NY. Our mission is to empower artists and entrepreneurs in the limitless expansion of their social impact by way of purpose-driven strategy and content solutions. We stand apart from other firms by placing the practice of self-exploration above the chase of trends and the traps of temporary tips + tricks.

At KIRUNIVERSE, we are committed to building strong, positive, and authentic relationships with our clients, staff, and audience members -- citizens of KIRUNIVERSE. We cultivate community through the regular curation of creative projects prepared and presented passionately by KIRUNIVERSE COLLECTIVE.

KIRUNIVERSE is a minority-owned small business that exists to curate experiences of diversity, inclusion, and endless inspiration. As a member of the team, you will gain firsthand insight into the work that’s put into practice behind the scenes to make this happen and you’ll support in the effective scaling of our mission and daily operations.


  • Articulates brand messaging and mission. Improves the searchability of all things relating to KIRUNIVERSE. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Performing keyword research for content improvements and additions

  • Performing SEO audits on pages and sections of our sites to identify missing SEO best practices

  • Assuring web-based information is archived for future needs and reference

  • Using Google Search Console to identify trends in performance, indexation, errors, and response codes

  • Collaborating with the media team for content, images, texts, etc

  • Analysing and monitor the overall site and specific page performance on Google

  • Reporting on traffic progress and trends using Google Analytics

  • Generating ideas for marketing the site and expanding its reach to as wide an audience as possible

  • Collecting and analysing information on competitor strategies

  • Analysing internal links to determine their value and creating link building strategies that follow SEO best practices

  • Working with the to expand company outreach and promoting the website via mobile marketing, social media, and regular distribution of e-mail alerts

  • Crafting site promotions, email newsletters, and online outreach campaigns

  • Assisting with content creation plans to support high-priority topics

  • Increasing traffic to the site and gain a higher profile


  • Working towards or recently with a degree in Marketing, Advertising, Finance, Math, or similar program

  • Must have access to a computer, video conferencing (Zoom), and Google Drive

  • Strong interest in Internet Marketing & Analytics

  • Strong familiarity with Google Analytics or similar tools

  • Familiarity with

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Excellent quantitative skills

  • Strong time management skills – ability to prioritize and meet deadlines

  • Proficiency in Google Suite, especially Google Sheets

  • Search Marketing experience is preferred but not required