All In All vs. All Or Nothing Pt. 1

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People often tell me that they are inspired by me for one reason or another, and as great as that may seem, I tend to believe that every time a new person tells me how awesome I am or made them feel, my responsibility to be great becomes well… even greater! To be clear, the idea of this responsibility does not come from a place of pressure, rather, it comes from a place of purpose. I know who I am and what I am created to be, and when you know this about yourself, I firmly believe you have a purposed responsibility to walk in that truth (and that’s so great... right?!). Having said all that, I wonder, have you ever had a moment in your life where you felt like you needed to pivot in a major way?


What a way to open, I know. But the reason I ask this question about pivoting is rather simple; After all the time and energy invested into ideation and strategy for my 2019 life, I am already finding myself at a point where (three weeks in!) some key parts of the plan are in desperate need of new direction, and I’m honestly a bit shocked at how quickly the need for a pivot came. I think it’s interesting how even after years of preparation, once your agenda is set in motion, life always has a way of forcing you to reevaluate a great many of your steps -and that’s exactly what has been happening for me lately- both professionally and personally.


Before we get too deep into this post, you should know that while I am always open (and hoping) to receive new ideas, words of advice and relevant reflections, I am entirely unafraid of challenge and the perception of failure. So as free as I encourage you to feel in hitting my line from a place of strength, experience and authenticity,  if you ever feel like reaching out to offer a ‘runaway strategy’ when it comes to real life struggles, kindly don’t.

When I moved to New York City in June of 2015, I had no more than $600 to my name, most of which was for rent. I didn’t know anyone other than my older sister and her boyfriend, who I had met a few times, and the only hope I had for income was running up the street and pleading for a job with the manager of a tuxedo shop in Bay Ridge (more on that story later). I was really lucky to get that job, which paid $9 an hour at the time, and it was literally a quick ten blocks away from where I was living! The people there were really nice, and after exactly two weeks, I walked into the shop and quit. I didn’t know what was next, but I knew something about that space and time was not right for me, and I needed an immediate change.


In no type of way would I encourage people to leave their workplace without a gameplan- that is stupid.

Today, I am working deeply in positive branded content experience. I manage social media and content strategy as well as research and web design for a handful of clients, and I am pleased to say my current work is directly connected with a passion of mine. I say it’s connected with “a passion” because my deepest passion in life is actually music- which is the real reason I moved here in the first place. I guess if I were to ask for advice (which is something I am getting better at btw), I would want to know how you yourself have managed all of your dreams and desires and still maintained a high level of success, both by qualitative and quantitative measures. How did you do it? What types of challenges did you face? What kinds of tough decisions or conversations did you encounter along the way?

If there is one thing I have always understood about change, it’s that it is absolutely essential for progress of any kind. I believe in the power of the mind, to mold thoughts into will, and will into reality.  I believe that, in the words of James Allen, “Until thought is linked with purpose, there is no intelligent accomplishment.” This is why I always feel the need to embrace a deep sense of focus, especially when I find myself at a pivotal moment in life. Along with this, I also believe wholeheartedly in living life from a mental perspective of ‘all in all’ vs. all or nothing. What I mean by “all in all vs all or nothing,” is that I believe in showing up and being fully present in every area of life for the richest experience possible. I know I covered a lot during this week’s post, and especially since it’s already a couple days late, I want to respect your time by sticking to my five minutes or less read time. Stay tuned for part two… it’ll be coming soon.

Peace Love + Light. KI.

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