All In All vs. All Or Nothing Pt. 2

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“Until thought is linked with purpose, there is no intelligent accomplishment.” – James Allen

A couple months ago I wrote an article entitled “All In All vs. All Or Nothing Pt. 1.” I opened thought on a number of things, however, I centralized my message on this one point; change is necessary. I talked about how even with the most thorough of plans, life has a way of forcing you to explore unexpected turns as you go along on your journey. And it’s interesting… I thought that by the time part two was published, I would have a much better understanding in exactly which direction I was needing to direct my journey’s pivot… *crickets*

“Them plans you been makin is soundin hella funny… quit your dayjob and become a standup comic.” – LIFE

Change is a beautiful thing, but it can be scary at times- especially when you feel like life has served you an ultimatum. To be honest, I feel like I am at a point where I have been forced to choose between stepping out in faith and running in retreat. I have made some tough decisions, but clearly not tough enough, and I am learning many lessons everyday on how to carry myself. Perhaps I will share a lesson or two here. Yep, now what I am about to say has not been rehearsed in any way. This message is being shared in real time, off the dome, unedited. Okay! Here we go:

Shit Happens

Starting off fresh with a brand new concept that no one’s ever heard of (are they still hiring at the comedy club?).

The truth hurts. People break promises. Potential clients ghost you. “Friends” let you down in your time of need. What the fuck are you going to do when you tell yourself “things can only get better from here,” and it actually seems to get much, much worse? Sadness is an honest feeling, but sadness is not the answer. Anger is expected, a necessary expression, but anger is not the answer. You have got to accept that when you step out in faith, everything that has survived thus far in the security of your “life plan” is liable to fall away the moment you reach for it. In the heat of it all, these situations might not feel so good, but that doesn’t make them bad either. In fact, it is likely best that you are going through the experience of broken promises, business ghosts, and friends of convenience. They are all quite shitty- why would you want to hold onto pieces of shit? Let them go.

The More You See, The More You Know

I am a student of the universe. (omg please use this original quote for #midweekmotivation!!)

I am a firm believer of living in the moment, however, whereas others may prefer an stronger emphasis on hyperactivity, my moment just happens to be one of constant life observation. I enjoy observing different mannerisms and social interactions, although I tend to miss many common social cues whenever I engage in conversation with friends of the second degree or further, also especially with secret admirers attempting to shed their anonymity (gonna need you to be upfront about that stuff). I understand things best with experience, and cannot be easily offended. I don’t subscribe to any labels, I am free. I am a beautiful being, and needn’t explain how or why. Very rarely would I even in the slightest, adjust my thoughts so much as to ascribe a generalised life-label on someone else.

I pride myself in the fact that I strive to honour my purpose in everything I do. My work is in experience marketing, so my client focus is to hold every activity within my SOW against the standard of their purpose as either an individual, or a business. Hands-on learning is by far the most impactful means of education for me, however, I am an excellent reader, a dynamic writer, and an engaging speaker. (Still, I’m grateful that my child mind was never assaulted with the likes of common core.)

No direct message to for the reader here. Perhaps you might adapt a statement or two in the perspective of your own life.

Your Net Worth Does Not And Cannot Determine Your Value

Can I get an amen? (And a donation @highaski? #PTL)

Recently, due in part to situations out of my control (more on this later), I became fully self-employed. Now, anyone who has launched their own business, or worked solely as a freelancer, you can probably attest to the fact that securing your first (or second, or third) new client can often prove to be a daunting task. I’ve learned from experience, the particular difficulty of standing firm and asserting your value- especially when your immediate objective is to increase cash flow by yesterday.

The real lesson here is simple: Don’t give into temptation. People will work every possible angle to shake any perceived excess off of your asserted value, but the bottom line is that you have to know(and believe in) your worth. You may have slipped up in the past, and cheated yourself by agreeing to something less than the absolute value of your work- hopefully you took that L real quick, and figured out how to move forward in a swift, respectable, and honest manner.

Assert your value, and remain focused. No one else’s perception or “feelings on the matter” can dictate the value of your business. To make be abundantly clear, take this here example if you will: if your minimum requirement for an alignment session is $250, do not accept an offer for $100. Assert your value, sir! (#preachingtothechoir)

“An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down” – Reid Hoffman

Wow, wasn’t that fun? I just might have to tap back into that inspired written energy again one of these days! But on a serious note, change is inevitable (even when you’re dead tbh). Whether it is something you were expecting, or something you were praying against, the way life works is out of our control. The only thing we can do is manage our response to the different experiences of life. How do you respond when things don’t go your way?

Peace Love + Light. KI.

Part three coming soon…

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