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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

3 Tips to Making Your Digital Space a Home For Your Brand

Creating a website for your brand or company is, well, kind of critical. Especially today, where almost everything is internet based, and everyone uses technology for almost everything in their day to day lives. Could you imagine not having something work and/or school related online? That’s what makes having an online destination for your brand so important. If consumers do not have an online way to reach your brand or learn more about your brand, especially during these times, it is a lot more difficult for them to be interested in you. And not only that, you need to have all the things important to your brand in one single place that is easy to navigate.

So, let’s say you have a website for your brand already. That’s great! But what you need is a little bit more than that if you want true success. You need to create your very own, unique online destination. Now, what exactly does this even mean? It could be a little difficult to explain. You want to create a space where your brand’s aesthetics, vibes, successes and goals shine through. Small businesses can create a sense of community and a space where consumers can visit virtually whenever they please. These are a few steps you could follow to make your website the online destination it was meant to be.


This may seem like a no-brainer. Of course your website needs to be clean, neat, pleasing to the eye, and easy to sift through. But, sometimes it is hard to truly follow this guide. This is probably the most important thing to follow for a website. If your website is sloppy and confusing, with no sense of direction and no clear path to follow, consumers will quickly become overwhelmed and leave before they even had the chance to check anything out. It may seem like a simple step, but in a lot of cases (like these 21 examples listed by Weblium) it is completely missed. People can get so wrapped up in the information they want to show and the projects they want to have linked, that they forget to make the actual virtual space organized. There is no point in having your favorite projects shown on your website if the viewer can’t even find where it is. Include different tabs for each segment, with the most general ones at the top so consumers can click on them and get more specific as they go. Make it as easy as possible to navigate.


Here at KIRUNIVERSE, there is a huge emphasis on community and togetherness. Show the people who work there who make things happen, show the business leaders, show the collaboration that everyone does to make the business shine. If you show how much of a voice each individual has at this company, it will resonate with consumers. They will then feel like they have a voice that can easily be shared, and they will continue to come back to the website and potentially want to work with you. Never underestimate the power that comes from community.


Once you organize everything on your website in an efficient way, that is when you have to stop and think about the projects you want emphasized. Of course, you are going to want all of the work you and your fellow colleagues have completed shown since you are proud of all of your work, however, you need to narrow things down. All of the work done for the company should most definitely be found on the website, yet only a select few should be on the front page. The first thing anyone sees when they go into Google and type KIRUNIVERSE is our identity, our services and products, and our community. When a consumer searches up your business’ name, have the very best (in your opinion) and most successful projects that have been done be the first to pop up. On your website’s very first page, make it easy to find the very best/most important projects you’ve worked on. We found this dope list of homepage essentials on HubSpot to guide you through the process of mapping everything out! Have these projects linked everywhere, so that when a consumer views it, they can click on it quickly and easily to learn more about it.

There are certainly more steps that could be taken to make your website as strong as it can possibly be, and as much of an online destination as it could possibly be. However, if you follow these few simple steps, you are just that much closer to creating the online destination fit for your brand. If you would like to learn more about how KIRUNIVERSE helps artists and entrepreneurs in building beautiful, unique, and effective websites, head over to to take a look at our approach to web design.

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