Do We Really Know Our Neighbors?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article for AJOY. All opinions are solely those of the author.

It seems that as technology has grown, the appeal for face to face connection has somehow lost its sheen. 

Knowing your neighbors was often seen as a staple of daily life in decades past, but today it seems that individuals have begun to favor more digital connection with their friends online. Most people today state that they only know some of their neighbors and that they are not likely to have real, personal interactions on a regular basis.

“A majority of Americans (57%) say they know only some of their neighbors,” Pew Research found in a 2018 survey. “Among Americans who know at least some of their neighbors, a majority (58%) say they never meet them for parties or get togethers.”

Why is this?

It seems that as society has grown more tech savvy, our lives have become more in sync with our technology than with each other. It also doesn’t help that everyone’s daily lives have become much busier. Not everyone is working a 9-5 and then coming home to their family. Many people are trying to start their own business while working extra side hustles, some may even have to have multiple jobs in order to support themselves.

After coming home for the day from your serving job and then working on your own business at home, it doesn’t leave much time for socializing with those around you. 

As younger generations, we have also been taught to build a lack of trust in others. Think back to days in elementary school where they taught about stranger danger, and you will realize that we have consistently had the idea that we are only to trust those who are closest around us hammered into our heads. In fact, many Americans would not feel comfortable leaving anything of value or importance with a neighbor.

“About two-thirds of Americans who know at least some of their neighbors (66%) would feel comfortable asking to leave a set of keys with them for emergencies,” said Pew Research. We have often been taught, perhaps subconsciously, as Millenials and Gen X’s that we should always be self focused. 

We are always working to build ourselves up, get ourselves to that top position or get to the point where we are making the most money. Because of this, cutting out interaction with those around us would seem only fitting. The less time you spend on others is more time you can spend on yourself. But what we seem to be forgetting, is that socialization is one of the prime ways that humans find happiness and connection.

AJOY knows that and pushes its clients to see the joy in any work that one does. 

In today’s culture of side hustles and monetizing your passions, working a normal 9-5 can sometimes feel like a step back. However, with AJOY individuals can know that the work they are doing is important and necessary even if it is not what is propped up on social media as the perfect gig. AJOY specializes in business advisory services in the area of bookkeeping, payroll and tax services and works to push your brand towards financial freedom. They know that financial management shouldn’t have to be a hassle but simply another way to help your company thrive. 

Though we live in a time where we are taught to think first about the closest people around us, perhaps it could do us some good to look at those who we may not know as well who have been around this whole time. Family is important and looking after yourself is important, but it is also important to look out for your community and in order to look out for a community we must start by creating a community.

Companies like AJOY are working to inspire brands and individuals to get to know the world and the people around them. Though it may be scary to try and foster new relationships, you never know what could happen by knocking on that door.

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