Here's Why My Body Is A Light

I was walking down Museum Mile in New York City about three months ago when the chorus of Body Is A Light came to me, seemingly out of nowhere. At the time, all I had in terms of an instrumental was about a minute or so of a rough idea, so you get the idea that it wasn’t a whole lot to work with, plus I had already shelved the track almost a full year prior because I wasn’t hearing the full song in there. All I can tell you now is that while crossing the street, all of a sudden, I just kept hearing this line in my head, “Xe been lookin at my body / I said my body’s a light.” It was crazy because I had spent so much time struggling with lyrics when I first started the song back in 2018, and now it was basically interrupting my day. Also, tbh, it was slightly awkward. Sometimes I get this idea for a line and it causes me to pause for a moment and I’m just like ‘damn KI, is that how you really feel?’ Lol. I feel like I’ve had a lot more of those moments in my writing/creative process lately.

Walking down the streets of New York in and of itself can be a very powerful experience. These streets are rich with all sorts of relentless activity, from the cool, to the quirky, to the crazy and the especially creepy. Every now and then you might even make a new friend (or enemy? Lol I don’t know your life). Personally, I get hit on from time to time- usually this occurs in either midtown or the Upper East Side. A little part of me always feels blessed to have even be seen, and yet there’s this other sliver that thinks more people should be interested in what I’ve got goin on! Lol. Centered between these margins is the very energy that helped me write this song, although, that’s not really what inspired this song.

Body Is A Light is more of a song about the people who stop and stare, and almost never do anything about what they really feel. If we’re honest, we’ve all been that person at one point or another. Sometimes we’ll engage in conversation, struggling to gather the courage to express our true desire. Other times, we’ll find a “safe space” where we can admire (stare/stalk) from a distance. And if you thought your social media thirst was excluded here, think again. Stop and stare people could be (and have been) truly anyone- complete and total strangers, distant associates, and even close friends. I think in the context of friendships, this song applies to the covert operator and the uncharacteristically shy people. Things like nonconsensual/unilateral dates in a platonic relationship or a general inability to effectively communicate feelings are definitely major turn offs for me.

As a champion of self-love, I think it’s important to note that this song is supposed to feel really empowering when you listen to it and sing-along. Basically every single line is about how amazing I already know I am, and how I refuse to settle for liars and otherwise shady people. I’m very clear on the fact that I’ve got a liberated and spiritually enlightened perspective on sexuality and my overall identity, and the lyrics are entirely consistent with who I am as a person.

The entire year of 2019 has been quite an interesting one to say the least. For starters, I’m much less sex-obsessed than I was before, although I’ve made out with a lot of people… like a lot. I’ve also been a lot more open about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences in this area of my life. Take that as you will, regardless, I think the bottom line is that I’ve just become more aware of what it is I’m actually interested in pursuing with others, and I’ve been much more confident (confidence was a big part of my personal growth focus in 2018) when it comes to the explicit and verbal expression of my intent with them. Of course, there are many other things that took place this year, but I think -at least in the interest of staying focused- it might be better to save all that for later.

The message I am driving home today, is that I am me. I am free. Oh, and I’m sexy as fuck. God blessed me with this energy, and each of you has been blessed with it too. I made a conscious decision to embrace it, and that is why my body is a light.

What’s your superpower?

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