How To Build A Better Feed: Get Your Aesthetic On!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

One of the most important things to do when creating your own social media feed for your brand is to create an aesthetic. Your brand should then be connected to this aesthetic at basically all times, so when people view your content they associate it with a certain look. Now, an aesthetic could be kind of difficult to create and keep up with. I’ll first talk about what exactly an aesthetic is.

The word aesthetic is probably overused these days. I have heard the word being used in many different ways, none of them wrong, but not all of them exactly correct. Some people may see the color light pink and promptly say “that’s my aesthetic”, or they’ll talk about a celebrity doing something and then once again say “that’s my aesthetic”. Not to say that these uses of the word are wrong, but they are not exactly what you should be thinking of when trying to create a particular look for your brand. An aesthetic is something that you find beautiful and pleasing to the eye. In branding, an aesthetic serves as the underlying guide for your brand’s visual identity. For example, when viewing something on social media, you may see something that catches your eye but you are not sure the exact reason why. It could be that it goes with your “inner aesthetic”, and therefore you are visually attracted to it. Once you figure out how you’d like your brand to look based on what you find beautiful or pleasing to the eye, you can start creating your own aesthetic. Interested in doing it yourself? We found this step by step guide to help!

The first thing you should think about when making your aesthetic is a color scheme. A color scheme with colors that you love and think fits with what you want your brand to be visualized as. Let’s say you want your aesthetic to be soft and girly, you may choose colors like millennial pink or light blues and purples, with white or light grey as the base. If you’re looking for more of an eye-catching aesthetic, you may want to stick with some brighter colors mixed with some white or black to catch the eye of people scrolling through your content. There are tons of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right colors. Tone of voice, emotional impact, your target demographic, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about the psychology behind different colors, there are tons of great guides such as this one, by Neil Patel. You should probably stick to about 8-10 colors that all look good together and flow nicely. A few of those colors should be the basic white, black, or grey to keep consistency. The other colors should look nice and work together, you wouldn’t really want colors that don’t seem to fit together. Once the colors and the “vibe” you want to achieve is laid out, the most important thing next is to STAY CONSISTENT. When curating an aesthetic for your brand, consistency is key. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some key takeaways from these three brands, who struggled because their branding efforts were inconsistent.

For artists and entrepreneurs, small business owners who may need help in this area, but don’t necessarily have the money or time it normally costs for full scale branding services and brand style guides, KIRUNIVERSE has the perfect solution! Check out our Brand Guide X™ catalogue to find the perfect look for your brand. It’s unique, easy to use, and it’s currently available for less than 1,000USD. Best of all, each Brand Guide X™ design is individually crafted to stand apart from the others, that means once you purchase yours there will never be another one like it, ever again.

Honestly, it may seem really easy to be consistent with your aesthetic, but sometimes content that you have doesn’t necessarily fit in with your feed, even though it may be important or something you would want to include. It is most important for you to post photos and content that goes with what you want your brand to be seen as. If you are always flipping between different brand personalities, it will be hard for your audience to determine the exact tone your brand emphasizes. Whether it be a photo of people hard at work in a work environment, or of a pretty still-life showing the transition of working at home, the caption and photo should stay consistent with past photos and captions. Setting a plan ahead of time, or hiring professional support might be a good way to go about this as there is a certain tone you should create when posting your content—you just need to be sure to stay consistent with that tone so that your audience catches onto it as well. With this, you would also need to stay consistent with the color palette you choose for your brand. Put all of this together, and you’ve created a beautiful aesthetic that upgrades your feed a huge amount!

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