Sunday Style is a New York City based digital publication on personal style.

KIRUNIVERSE COLLECTIVE Presents: Sunday Style, a new personal style publication based in New York City.

What is Sunday?

Sunday is the day of the sun. As you will find in The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology (or on Wikipedia), the day was given its name when the Romans adopted the seven day calendar week from Egypt in the first and second centuries, and each day of the week was named after the then known seven planets. It’s a day that most (if not all) of us have come to know and love as a time of rest and rejuvenation. Much of the western world observes this day as a time of worship, or a final moment to relax before the start of a new work week. At the time of this writing, many of the world’s most prominent languages have maintained a special translation for Sunday, separate from each of the remaining days of the week.

Through centuries of traditions, coming and going, the fact that Sunday has been defined as a “day of the sun,” has always been fitting in so many different ways. From the "Strict Sunday Observance" enacted by 17th century Puritans, to modern celebrations of faith, family, and football, Sunday has always been observed as a day of pure-hearted light, and warmth. I like to think of Sundays as a day to refresh before the week ahead. What are some of your favourite Sunday activities?

Photo by Yadira Villalobos. © 2018 KIRUNIVERSE, ENT

What Is Style?

George and Ira Gershwin may have seen it as the way you wear your hat and sip your tea, or the way your smile just beams, and how you often tend to sing off key. And yes, maybe you have seen it as the way you wear your most Instagram-worthy #ootd. Well, I agree that it certainly includes all of these things, and that it’s also much more than that- in fact, I believe that style includes everything about you. From something as simple as your taste in music, to the most complex elements of the way your brain processes each thought, every detail about you contributes to your overall style, making each person just as infinitely unique as the other.

Style is just as alive and tangible as our emotions, as it changes and evolves with time and circumstance. Style can be likened unto the qualities of love, purpose, and passion, in that it is a universal language that can be used to communicate with all people around the world. It is an element that faithfully represents our utility of self-expression, drive, and creativity, whether as individuals, or as community. Shoutout to France for a second victory at the world cup. Your style is currently #winning! My style for this post is a whitewash look that I like to think is an accurate extension of my personal qualities of peace and positive energy, and you can read more about it here [link]. Sometimes it’s easy to explain, like a recognisable pattern of cause and effect, and other times it can be as unpredictable as Spring in New York City, but the most consistent quality of my style is that it is always me. What’s your style?

Photo by Yadira Villalobos. © 2018 KIRUNIVERSE, ENT

In Conclusion

The KIRUNIVERSE COLLECTIVE exists to inspire all people through the promotion of love, light, and liberty. We believe in the limitless power of positive self-expression, to drive the creative and collaborative energies that bring together unique individuals who are free in thought, free in speech, and free in will. In a word, our style is celebration, and hopefully you will see that being conveyed equally in every element of our published content, and our work behind the scenes. It is our intent from now on, to observe Sunday as a day for all to come together, and faithfully rejoice in the power of fashion, creativity, and self-expression. We started this blog to spread light + love, and hope to remind the world that the best way to start the week is in style, Sunday Style.

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