Modern brand strategy and design for creative entrepreneurs.

If you are a creative entrepreneur and you’re looking for a solution to your needs in social media, web design or brand design, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

Here is the breakdown of our hourly services.


This is an hourly service. If you are looking for information on the project-based service, Social Media Planning For Winners™, click here.

Our hourly social media plan service is primarily available to those brands that have a strategy and simply need reliable hands on the job! If you are looking for someone to routinely perform research, engagement, and posting activities, schedule a free 15 minute quick call with us here.


Here at KIRUNIVERSE we build beautiful, manageable, functional web design created with either Squarespace or Wix, to meet your vision for your brand.

This is a project-based service that is billed by the hour. Schedule a free 15 minute quick call with us here.


This service is for creative entrepreneurs in search of a style guide or logo for their brand, as well as those who are looking for skilled copywriters for social media, email marketing and website pages. Schedule a free 15 minute quick call with us here.

If you are looking for premade, customisable brand style guides (with mood boards, colour boards, fonts paired, logo variations, and social media templates), shop our Brand Guide X™ collection now.


KIRU is an American music artist, social artist and entrepreneur. They are the author of The Book of Positive Affirmations, and the founder of KIRUNIVERSE. KIRUNIVERSE is a Gen-Z led community, empowering creative entrepreneurs to win through purpose-driven brand strategy and design.

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