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Always follow your passions. (2016, El Paso, TX)


“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted” – Paulo Coelho

To that I say... don’t let it happen. Do them now before it’s too late because memories are forever, and living passionately every single day is better than living a long bland life without any passion at all.

Passion is as personal as the person by whom it is felt. Meaning that my passions and your passions will always be uniquely ours. They are the driving force powering us to be exactly who we are as individuals. Our passions are created and defined by the things we each value, feel, and hope for. Sometimes, passion for life itself is the motor that keeps us going despite occasionally feeling a bit down like we all do every now and then. I like to think of passion as something residing within us all that is alive as well, because passion itself is life. While inspiration is a cyclical thing that comes and goes like an ocean tide, passion is the force that continuously burns inside of us and pushes us to strive towards our goals and dreams. But like any motor, passion must be continuously nourished. It must be watered with love for the things that truly matter to us, fostered with curiosity of what you’re yet to discover or understand, and fired with a desire to make your visualizations a reality.

Fading Passion

But what happens when you feel like you’re going through a period time where it seems impossible to re-connect with your passions? Maybe something in your life has effected an unexpected change. Perhaps monotonous everyday things have clouded your focus, or negative and toxic relationships with certain people are dulling your passion to the point where you wonder if it is even there at all anymore. Don’t feel hopeless. Instead, be aware that this is part of the process of following our through with our passions. Like artists overcoming a creative block, we must stop to re-evaluate our passions, what they mean to us, and how to attain them in order to keep on chasing them.

As an example, I recently made a professional life change after realizing I was no longer following my true passions. I had a job I appreciated, with coworkers I liked, and in an exciting industry. Sounds great, right? But then, why was I feeling so unfulfilled? Where did that fire for constant growth go? I thought I should be happy for what I already had. So instead of being impulsive, I suppressed any feelings of doubt extinguishing my passion along the way. After all, I consider myself a determined woman and thought I would simply work hard to make the best of my former situation, not realizing that that scenario had long derailed from the path that would lead me to happiness. It wasn’t until I stopped and really thought about the many things I still want to do in life that I realized I had strayed from what my true passions are. Yes, my former situation checked off all of the boxes in regards to what my needs were back when I had that particular job. But over time I felt very little connection to what it is that I truly live for, which is a feeling of exploration, constant learning, creation, growing and striving towards genuinely connecting with people and building the future I envisioned for myself long before moving to New York City.

However, it is not always a job that can dull your passion, sometimes it can be a place, an event, or even a person. Whichever the case, you must know that the power for change, to re-kindle your passions or re-discover them is entirely in your own hands. Be kind enough to allow yourself dreams and aspirations. Go out to the world and follow your passions despite what others might think or say because like I said before, only you can truly understand what drives you to do what you do.

Photo by Julianny Casado. (Times Square, NYC)

Pathways to Passion

While they say “every road leads to Rome”, not every path leads to passion. As a foundational belief of the Kiruniverse world, and something I firmly support, self-exploration would not be complete without passion. Passion should be what wakes you up in the morning ready to face anything that might come before you and your goals. Moments when we awaken our passion are those that drive us to take action. To make a change, even a mistake, and keep on improving. Life can be intimidating at times, and viewed through the wrong mindset, following our passions can feel unrealistic. But only by doing so, we’ll be truly happy.

Sustainable passion is organic and spurs whenever it does, for authentic reasons. Passion isn’t something we can summon on command, but there are many ways we can re-connect ourselves with it. While certain people find that immersing themselves in nature can do the trick, others might feel more compelled to seek a connection with another person through conversation. Finding new hobbies or re-visiting long forgotten ones can also help awaken dormant passion. So go out and try new things, or continue to develop those you have a gift for. In time, this will align you in right path towards your own passions as well.

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