Proud To Be A Citizen

Passionate employees create impassioned businesses.

In many working spaces conformity is what is asked for. Businesses want workers who will come in, do their job and go home while creativity often comes second to productivity.

But every once in a while, a new player will crop up. Somebody who takes pride in their workers' uniqueness and individuality and utilizes their skills to allow business to thrive. 

This may sound like an art studio or a dance company, but it’s not. Though it may be thought that only performative and artistic jobs can take creativity to its fullest potential, KIRUNIVERSE says otherwise.

At KIRUNIVERSE the goal is simple, “to empower artists and entrepreneurs in the limitless expansion of their social impact by way of purpose-driven brand strategy and content solutions.” 

KIRUNIVERSE wants any small business owner to know that no matter what you are creating, it can have an affect on the world around you. Oftentimes when you are first trying to start a new project or launch a new company it can feel as though you are just a tiny fish in a very large pond. However, by knowing that you are unique and have something special to offer, anyone can feel empowered to make their mark in the industry. KIRUNIVERSE works to make small business owners feel heard and to allow individuals to push towards their dreams.

KIRUNIVERSE began with one single individual, however, as the business has grown the true heart of the company has become the workers. 

With different sectors and areas of focus, each employee puts their own spin on their section of the world of marketing and branding. With the ideals of teamwork and collaboration in mind, community is more easily fostered and allows for individuals to have their voices make a difference within the company.

“I always wanted to be a part of some sort of collective where I could put in my creative input,” said Creative Director Jasmine Shields who joined KIRUNIVERSE two years ago. “I loved that the whole company was driven off of self exploration.”

Every single individual who works within KIRUNIVERSE is considered a “citizen.” This open ideology has allowed employees to create new and distinctive projects as well as grow their personal and professional skills.

“I definitely learned leadership and communications,” said Community Growth Administrator Huiming Li. “I can’t deny the fact that this internship has made me learn how to effectively articulate troubles and it definitely gave me experience with contacting CEO’s and higher up’s.”

Another individual spoke about her increased confidence in working in one-on-one situations with clients and customers.

“I think it’s been really interesting being able to work directly with the client because with other internships it has been more that somebody else above you does those jobs,” said Marketing Intern on Special Projects Alexandra Godown. “This job has showed me that it’s really important to keep your mind open because my first project got changed so I had to adapt and create some new ideas.”

Grouping these strong voices together has led to a stronger workplace and projects that follow not only the head of business but the heart of individuals.

“I think my favorite project Ii’ve worked on has been The Book of Positive Affirmations because I think it’s something that can really help people,” said social media intern Joy Burns whose main focus has been the social media image of The Book of Positive Affirmations.

Featuring a book written by company founder KIRU, The Book of Positive Affirmations not only included the released book but an entire social media campaign. With the goal being to help individuals find realistic ways to keep themselves positive in today’s times.

Other projects often dig deeper into the root of personal and societal issues.

“For my favorite projects I would definitely say Break The Cycle and Blackout,” said Li. “Break The Cycle focuses on minorities and underrepresented races which as an Asian American and a woman it made me really passionate about the project. With the Blackout I just love the project because I think we should be helping black Americans as we are all humans and could all be in their shoes.”

With employees working in different locations all over the country, connection has become one of the businesses largest strengths.

At first, it was seemingly confusing how everybody would be able to come together to create a true feeling of community but the longer the employees integrated themselves into the business, the larger foundations of friendships and partnerships were born.

“At first I started with just KIRU,” said SEO Analyst Intern Touba Hamdi. “But now we have other analysts and it has been a great chance to learn and collaborate.”

Many others have found connections between team members have given them a more valuable experience.

“I love my team,” said Burns. “They are super genuine and easy to work with. I really like that we can all do our own thing and then come together to create a larger idea.”

With interns being remote the experience has been much different to what many expected, but in some ways it has added another layer of interest in being able to have a peek into each other's lives.

“I love that it’s remote,” said Li. “I can meet so many different people from so many different areas and connect with them virtually.”

KIRUNIVERSE understands that when employees feel free to be open and themselves is when the best quality of work will be produced. 

With a work environment that breeds creativity and inspiration it is sure to be understood why so many people are proud to be a citizen.

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