Using Your Own Voice In Business: Allowing Your Uniqueness To Speak For Itself

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

In today’s society one of the most common ways to be seen as respected by those in your field is to consistently be “professional.” However, today's definition of the word professional has become more synonymous with the idea of blending in instead of trying to stick out.

In order to be “professional” one must not share any opinions or say anything outside of the norm when it comes to business. But one of the most important aspects about growing in business is having something that makes you “stick out.”

People want new, fresh and exciting ideas; if that wasn’t the case many of the millionaires we know of today would be nowhere near as successful.

When entering a sector of business, it is important to remember that what makes you unique is exactly what is going to help your business grow.

When individuals become attached to a brand it is often because through that brand they are allowed to feel as though they are a part of something larger than themselves. Though we all have identities, sometimes it can be hard to express ourselves exactly how we want and brands are simply another part of how humans try to express themselves. The product may be what draws people in, but often the community is a large part of what keeps them there.

Entire cultures have been created around brands because of the fact that they are unique in their sector of the market. Juicy Couture, Gucci and Supreme have all had entire lifestyles built around them within the fashion industry because their product became so synonymous with the way their customer lived. However, this phenomenon would not have been possible if the brands were exactly like every other option on the market.

Apple as a brand has become the standard for technology as a whole, because they offered something unique from the rest of the market.

While it is absolutely important to hold a professional manner with possible clients, other brand owners and those working in the industry; that does not mean that you must present yourself as a bland business person. For example, when working on your social media presence, post what you feel would work best with your brand. It can be fun, bright, eye catching and possibly even push a few boundaries.

With everything you do, it is always important that not only your personality, but also the brand's personality is what is on display. When people come to your website or social media pages, you not only want them to remember what they saw but you want it to have an effect on them.

When people feel connected to something they will always be more likely to support it and allowing others to become more connected to your brand and what it stands for can only bring more growth in the end.

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