When in Doubt, Think it Out

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

The power of positive affirmations

I have spent the last year understanding the power that lives within our words. The last few weeks have been covered in heaps of snow and I often remember the winter I needed a root canal. The snow that winter had fallen early, but stuck well into the beginning of spring; regardless, the gritty slush of the streets was not something I looked forward to everyday. My appointment was set on the opposite side of the city from me and nothing but the city bus was willing to take me that far. I rode the whole ride with my lips pursed together, something I grew used to as the biting cold of a quick breath sent my tooth into a frenzy. It was a preventative practice more than a response one, yet it was the most simple. My time in the dentist’s chair was uncomfortable; hands in and out of my mouth, water, spit