Have some respect. Fuck the opinions of others.

I love myself. So much so that I’m holistically obsessed.

I get happy when I walk past a well placed mirror, or mirror-like surface. The opportunity to visually admire the individual characteristics of my face and body is one I very much consider to be a blessing. And even in the dark, on the wall or over the ground, there are those precious moments where I may catch my silhouette—the dance partner of my dreams.

I take my time when it comes to skin care practices, bodily aesthetics, and various personal pleasures. There is no one else who can meet the needs of my personal satisfaction quite like myself, and for that I carry an enormous sense of both gratitude and responsibility.

I use my words to verbalise thoughts and intentions of positivity over my life, and I surround myself with people who reinforce the best and highest qualities in my work and my behaviour. For every negative experience I may face, because of the way I am built, by choice, I can anticipate that my positive disposition will not be overcome.

If my honour and appreciation for the person I’ve been, and the person I’ve become could be measured in currency, perhaps I would be among some of the most materialistically wealthy individuals of the world. Although I am occasionally curious, ultimately I am undeterred by the thoughts and opinions of others, especially as they relate to me.

Imagine me, going broke because of what you believe? Not so.

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and said those three sacred words, “I love you.”? When was the last time you showed yourself in some way shape or form that you truly value and appreciate yourself just as you are?

As social beings by default, we sometimes build our sense of self-worth on the external validation of others, and that, more than any individual could ever be, is problematic.

As we head into another Valentine’s day, no matter what your romantic life looks like, I can assure from experience that if your love life looks anything like the first five sections of this writing, you’re doing just fine. Have some respect. Fuck their opinions.


  1. The Book of Positive Affirmations (Simplified)


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