You Don’t Want to Miss—New & Exciting Things at KIRUNIVERSE

There is so much to see!

As you may know, KIRUNIVERSE is a boutique experience marketing and design firm that serves artists and entrepreneurs with goods and services in brand strategy and content creation. KIRUNIVERSE provides many services to help clients and fellow artists become successful in their fields and learn more about things they may not know much about. There have been a few new things at KIRUNIVERSE that you must check out!


This one is extremely exciting. It is a completely new digital product that you can only get here at KIRUNIVERSE. It was created for artists and entrepreneurs, and small business owners, who are interested in having a visual identity for their brand or business. Brand Guide X™ is a solution-based digital product designed for these artists and entrepreneurs who are in need of support in branding and identity which is both accessible and immediate. It is a revolutionary product that KIRUNIVERSE is proud to offer customers everywhere! It is available today on our website. Brand Guide X™ offers many different types of guidelines that would be used to complete the visual identity of your brand. You can find all different kinds of beautiful style guides that you can choose from. Each style guide is uniquely designed, so once you choose the one you love and want to use as your brand’s visual identity, only you will have this style guide and it will no longer be available to anyone else. It is an amazing concept and a wonderful way to start a visual identity for your brand.


Also new to KIRUNIVERSE is a series of outdoor gatherings called “Social Picnics: Engage With Purpose.” Social Picnics provide an opportunity for you to meet with artists and entrepreneurs in your area to learn their stories and expand your own awareness of the creative or business landscape. All you need to do is go onto our website to register for the next available event. KIRUNIVERSE takes care of everything, all you need to do is bring yourself and you’re ready to go! Check it out at now!


A three hour in-depth course on how to use G-Suite to meet the needs of your business or workplace. This is a very convenient way to learn how to use important tools to help grow and develop your business. In the course, you can learn how to effectively use many of the tools that make up G Suite such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Calendar, and Google Forms. Check this out also on the KIRUNIVERSE website and gain even more important knowledge to get even closer to your next success!

All of these features are new to KIRUNIVERSE, and you should not hesitate to check them out and book them! KIRUNIVERSE is here to help you get started in your business and learn as much as you possibly can to be as successful as can be.

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