SKU: SBPAE2020002

The Book of Positive Affirmations – Simplified


The Book of Positive Affirmations is the definitive guide for unleashing the power of positive affirmations in your daily life. Organized neatly into three categories of forty affirmations each, this book will lead and support you day by day with affirmations designed to raise awareness on how to effectively love yourself, know yourself and grow yourself.


Positive affirmations are unique from listed quotes and random sayings. They are so much more than a simple feel good phrase. When you make the decision to affirm the power of positivity in your life, you are literally maximizing your awareness of the good and minimizing your focus on that which is not. Decades of research has shown us that when we increase our exposure to positive experiences, our minds open up to new possibilities that we otherwise would not have seen or believed. Putting these affirmations into an order that allows you to ingest and emit positivity day after day is more than an effort to save your life, it’s an opportunity to continually improve it.


This is the simplified version. Interior pages are cream with black ink, sans daily illustrations.

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