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2016 TO 2019

Lucille Khornak has a spectacular interest in the art of photography. She has worked with some of the world's most popularly known garment designers, and made a name for herself in the Hamptons as The Portrait Specialist. Over the years, KIRUNIVERSE has had the unique opportunity to design the following experience solutions for her brand.


KIRUNIVERSE first introduced the 'Thematic Studio Construct' to Lucille Khornak in 2017 as a strategy to organize their marketing aspirations and turn them into actionable efforts at every level whether annual, quarterly, weekly or daily. Click here to view an example of the document we've since revamped to meet the needs of our BSFW clients.


Alone in the fiscal year of 2019 (October 2018 to September 2019 or FY19), KIRUNIVERSE produced a total of 22 articles, published to the client's website. With a cumulative 827 hits, viewership of KIRUNIVERSE-provided articles for Lucille Khornak accounted for just over 9% of overall site viewership in 2019. This is What Confidence Looks Like was the most popular article published site-wide in FY19. Our official creative writing archive can be viewed here. 

WEB DESIGN - 2016 to 2019

During a renegotiation period in FY19, the Lucille Khornak website experienced a 5% decrease in overall viewership. However, upon the May 2019 website launch (redesigned by KIRUNIVERSE), we saw an 8.2% lift in site viewership spanning the course of Q3 + Q4. Adding "Book Your Session" CTAs to each page site wide resulted in a measured 382% increase of new client inquiries over LY. The Lucille Khornak website was built on using Squarespace (SQSP) 7.0.



These services are no longer offered individually. Please visit our services page to learn more about Brand Strategy For Winners (BSFW), and how email marketing and content management exist seamlessly within the offering. KIRUNIVERSE designed and executed frequent email marketing campaigns for Lucille Khornak. Reaching thousands in their target market, each email was designed to capture the reader's attention, and connect with their interests. Our content management services included organizing the client's media between private networks, Google Suite, SQSP, and additional third-party spaces at the client's discretion. We sweep online servers routinely to clean out any potentially mismanaged or outdated content.


2018 TO 2020

AJOY is the financial management firm for women-led businesses. Established in 2009 by Tuesday P. Brooks, this black-owned business located in the heart of Harlem has been forever etched into the success story of thousands of aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs across the world. KIRUNIVERSE has been privileged to design the following experience solutions for the brand.


KIRUNIVERSE introduced the 'Thematic Studio Construct' to AJOY immediately after being contracted to support the brand in 2018. In 2019, we helped to develop one of their most popular business advisory services called "Do It Yourself, Right." Since this period, we have modified our approach to designing and executing marketing plans to meet the need of our BSFW clients and include such services as creative writing and social media planning. To learn more about how we help clients like AJOY win, with effective marketing campaigning and brand strategy, click here.

CREATIVE WRITING - 2019 to 2020

A total of two KIRUNIVERSE-produced articles were published to the AJOY website during the 2019 calendar year. Between January and September of 2019, these articles accounted for approximately 3% of the website's overall viewership. Additional written content during this period included partnership proposals, email copy, government proposals, and general web publishing. 


From Instagram, to Facebook, Twitter and beyond, KIRUNIVERSE has helped AJOY pull together consistent social media plans designed to connect with their core audience, and inspire readers to action. The social media landscape can be tough to navigate when you're a brand, still, with our help, this client continues to receive stories about how AJOY has inspired, educated, and entertained them and their loved ones. Social media planning is a powerful tool for maintaining a favorable position before your current and target audience members. Click here to learn more about how this solution may help you build your brand.

GRAPHIC DESIGN - 2019 to 2020

Our most notable design project with AJOY is arguably 2019's DIYR rollout, however, we have done much more than that over the course of our relationship. KIRUNIVERSE remains responsible for designing social media composites, and supports on other design projects as directed by campaigns designed in BSFW, or as requested by the client. If you would like to learn more about the solutions we offer in design + illustration, click here.


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